1995 News Story

Prince Bandar inaugurates Islamic Center in Ohio

Prince Bandar Bin Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz, Saudi Ambassador to the United States, yesterday inaugurated the Islamic Center in Cincinnati, Ohio, and spoke of its importance in contributing positively to the service of the Islam.   He pointed out that the Kingdom extends support to Islamic organizations throughout the world without interfering in the domestic affairs of those countries where Muslims live.   Prince Bandar said that the Saudi government has placed in most of its embassies special sections to take care of Islamic affairs, adding that Islam is a religion of knowledge and reason advocating abstention from violence and terrorism.   The Saudi Embassy in Washington DC will appoint an imam (leader of worshipers in a mosque) and allocate an annual budget for the new center, which contains a mosque, a cultural center, and a school for teaching Islamic sciences and the Arabic language.   The center was built at a cost of about U.S. $ 6 million.