Saudi US Relations

February 9, 2016Foreign Minister Al-Jubeir concludes visit to Washington
February 8, 2016Foreign minister holds meeting with Secretary Kerry in Washington
January 28, 2016Ambassador Al-Saud presented his credentials to President Obama
January 27, 2016King receives Commander of US Central Command
January 23, 2016Iran remains world’s chief state sponsor of terrorism
January 19, 2016Foreign Minister Expresses Concern over Iranian Behavior
January 14, 2016Foreign Minister Al-Jubeir meets with Kerry in London
December 7, 2015Crown Prince Meets with Commander of US Central Command
November 30, 2015King Salman chairs Cabinet session (11/30/2015)
November 24, 2015Minister of National Guard receives US Congressional delegation
November 24, 2015Deputy Crown Prince receives US Congress delegation
November 21, 2015Saudi ambassador to the US opens photo exhibition
November 4, 2015Minister of Foreign Affairs Meets with U.S. Secretary of Energy
October 24, 2015King Salman, Crown Prince receive US Secretary Kerry
October 21, 2015King Salman swears in new ambassadors to the US
October 7, 2015Foreign Minister Receives US officials
September 5, 2015King Salman receives Arab Ambassadors to the United States and American Muslim leaders
September 5, 2015King Salman departs the US following official state visit
September 5, 2015King Salman meets with Saudi students
September 5, 2015King Salman receives US retirees of Saudi Aramco
September 4, 2015King Salman Meets with President Obama
September 4, 2015King Salman receives Secretary Kerry
September 4, 2015King Salman, President Obama hold meeting at White House
September 4, 2015King Salman gives keynote address at US-Saudi Business Council dinner
September 3, 2015King Salman to meet with President Obama in Washington Sept. 4
September 3, 2015King Salman arrived in Washington
September 3, 2015Foreign Minister briefs media on King’s upcoming meeting with President Obama
September 3, 2015Foreign Minister meets with senior US officials
September 2, 2015Foreign Minister meets with Secretary Kerry
August 31, 2015Foreign Minister receives US Special Envoy for Syria
August 25, 2015Minister Al-Jubeir holds meeting with Kerry on Nantucket Island
July 22, 2015King Salman receives US Defense Secretary
July 17, 2015Foreign Minister Al-Jubeir meets with President Obama, Vice President Biden
July 16, 2015Foreign Minister Al-Jubeir meets with Secretary Kerry
July 15, 2015King Salman receives phone call from President Obama
July 4, 2015Deputy Crown Prince receives telephone call from U.S. Secretary of State
July 3, 2015King, Crown Prince congratulate President Obama on Independence Day
June 14, 2015Deputy Crown Prince receives U.S. Director of National Intelligence
June 4, 2015Foreign Minister Al-Jubeir meets with Deputy Assistant Secretary of State
May 28, 2015Saudi Food and Drug Authority bans poultry meat from 13 US states and Bhutan
May 13, 2015Crown Prince, Deputy Crown Prince met with President Obama
May 13, 2015Crown Prince meets with Secretary of Homeland Security and directors of CIA, FBI
May 13, 2015Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman meets with US Defense Secretary
May 12, 2015Crown Prince and Deputy Crown Prince arrive in US for talks with President
May 11, 2015King Salman, US President Obama hold phone Call
May 11, 2015King Salman chairs Cabinet session (05/11/2015)
May 10, 2015Crown Prince Mohammad to lead Saudi delegation to the US-GCC Summit
May 7, 2015Deputy Crown Prince meets with US Secretary of State
May 7, 2015King Salman receives US Secretary of State Kerry
May 7, 2015Saudi Arabia announces five-day ceasefire in Yemen
May 4, 2015Crown Prince meets with US Congressman Jason Chaffetz
April 28, 201593 suspected ISIS terrorists arrested, plots thwarted
April 21, 2015SFDA imports of poultry meat from US states of Arkansas and Kansas
April 6, 2015King Salman chairs Cabinet session (04/06/2015)
March 31, 2015Deputy Crown Prince receives US Speaker Boehner
March 30, 2015Minister of Defense meets with U.S. Senator
March 28, 2015King Salman, US President Obama discussed regional issues in telephone call
March 5, 2015Prince Saud meets with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry