Foreign Relations

January 27, 2016Saudi Arabia provides its share of Palestinian Authority budget
January 27, 2016King Salman receives Asian defense officials
January 25, 2016King Salman chairs Cabinet session (02/25/2016)
January 23, 2016Iran remains world’s chief state sponsor of terrorism
January 21, 2016Foreign Minister: Attacks on diplomatic mission in Iran follows aggressive policies by Iran
January 20, 2016Foreign minister meets Chinese counterpart
January 20, 2016Chinese president leaves Riyadh following state visit
January 20, 2016Saudi Arabia to launch remote sensing satellite from China
January 20, 2016King Salman, Chinese president inaugurate Yanbu Aramco Sinopec Refining Company Project (YASREF)
January 20, 2016Saudi Arabia condemns terrorist attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan
January 19, 2016Foreign Minister Expresses Concern over Iranian Behavior
January 19, 2016Al-Jubeir, French Foreign Minister Review Latest Developments in the Region
January 19, 2016King Salman holds talks with Chinese President Xi
January 18, 2016King Salman meets with Pakistani prime minister
January 18, 2016King Salman chairs Cabinet session (01/18/2016)
January 17, 2016King Salman hold talks with Mexican president
January 15, 2016Chinese President to Visit Kingdom Tuesday
January 15, 2016King Salman calls Indonesian President
January 14, 2016Foreign Minister Al-Jubeir meets with Kerry in London
January 14, 2016Saudi Ambassador presents credentials to Iraqi foreign minister
January 12, 2016King Salman condoles Turkish President on victims of terrorist bombing in Istanbul
January 11, 2016King Salman chairs Cabinet session (01/11/2016)
January 10, 2016Arab League supports Saudi Arabia, condemns Iranian aggression in region
January 9, 2016GCC condemns Iranian interference in the region
January 9, 2016Minister Al-Jubeir: additional measures may be taken against Iran
January 9, 2016Deputy Crown Prince to visit Pakistan tomorrow
January 9, 2016Arab League to hold extraordinary meeting in Cairo
January 7, 2016Saudi-led coalition in rejects Iranian claims its embassy in Yemen was hit
January 7, 2016Foreign Minister meets Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister
January 6, 2016Kingdom should be commended, not condemned for fighting terrorism
January 6, 2016Kingdom continues distribution of winter clothes to Syrians in Jordan
January 5, 2016Foreign Minister Receives UN Envoy to Syria
January 5, 2016Iran’s aggression against Saudi Arabia goes back over three decades
January 4, 2016Kingdom’s UN Mission condemns violence against Saudi diplomatic missions in Iran
January 3, 2016Foreign Minister announcement severing ties with Iran
December 30, 2015King Salman holds bilateral talks with Palestinian President Abbas
December 23, 2015King Salman says security and economic development are top priorities
December 21, 2015King Salman chairs Cabinet session (12/21/2015)
December 18, 2015Saudi, Qatari, and Turkish foreign ministers meet in New York
December 15, 2015Kingdom forms 34 nation Islamic military alliance against terrorism
December 13, 2015Foreign Minister arrives in Rome for ministerial meeting on Libya
December 10, 2015Foreign Minister Holds Press Conference after 36th session of the GCC Supreme Council
December 10, 2015King Salman holds meeting with Syrian opposition leaders
December 10, 2015GCC concludes 36th Session in Riyadh
December 10, 2015Gulf Cooperation Council Supreme Council Concludes its 36th Session in Riyadh
December 8, 2015King Salman orders investments in Egypt exceed $8 billion
December 7, 2015GCC Foreign Ministers Hold Supplementary Meeting of 137th Preparatory Session of the GCC Summit
December 7, 2015Saudi Embassy in U.K. warns citizens against suspicious places
December 7, 2015Saudi Arabia and Costa Rica establish diplomatic relations
December 7, 2015King Salman chairs Cabinet session (12/7/2015)
December 2, 2015Foreign Minister meets President of Iraq Kurdistan Region
December 2, 2015Former Spanish King leaves Riyadh
December 1, 2015King, Deputy Crown Prince meet with President of Iraq Kurdistan Region
November 30, 2015King Salman chairs Cabinet session (11/30/2015)
November 30, 2015Kingdom welcomes British air campaign against Daesh (ISIS)
November 30, 2015Saudi Fund for Development to fund development project in Jordan
November 26, 2015Kingdom designates Hezbollah individuals and entities as terrorists
November 25, 2015King Salman chairs Cabinet session (11/23/2015)
November 22, 2015Saudi-Iraqi border officials hold third round of talks
November 20, 2015Kingdom condemns terrorist attack on hotel in Mali
November 16, 2015Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (11/16/2015)
November 15, 2015King Salman attends G-20 Summit in Turkey
November 15, 2015King Salman holds bilateral meeting at G-20
November 15, 2015Colors of French flag on Kingdom Tower in Riyadh
November 14, 2015Saudi Arabia condemns Paris terrorist attack
November 14, 2015King Salman express condolences to French President
November 13, 2015King Salman arrives in Turkey for G-20 Summit
November 13, 2015Deputy Crown Prince meets leaders of Bahrain, Jordan, Lebanon, and Egypt
November 12, 2015Kingdom, Egypt form council to implement Cairo Declaration
November 11, 2015King Salman inaugurates 4th Summit of South American-Arab Countries
November 5, 2015Crown Prince meets with ambassadors-designate
November 5, 2015Saudi Arabia, Serbia sign MoU on heritage and tourism
November 2, 2015King Salman chairs Cabinet session (11/2/2015)
November 1, 2015Foreign Minister addresses Manama Dialogue Forum
October 30, 2015Joint Saudi-Pakistani military exercise concluded
October 28, 2015King Salman receives British Foreign Secretary
October 28, 2015Foreign Minister attends Paris talk on Syria
October 26, 2015King Salman chairs Cabinet session (10/26/2015)
October 21, 2015King Salman receives call from Russian president
October 19, 2015King Salman chairs Cabinet session (10/19/2015)
October 19, 2015Crown Prince receives UN envoy to Yemen
October 19, 2015King Salman receives German Foreign Minister
October 19, 2015Minister Al-Jubeir: Iran is an occupier of Arab lands in Syria
October 18, 2015Foreign minister holds meeting with UN Envoy to Yemen
October 13, 2015Kingdom's position on Syria unchanged
October 12, 2015King Salman chairs Cabinet session (10/12/2015)
October 12, 2015King Salman meets with French prime minister
October 11, 2015Saudi Arabia provides share of Palestinian Authority budget
October 10, 2015Kingdom condemns terrorist bombing in Ankara
October 10, 2015King Salman condoles Turkish president on victims of Ankara bombing
October 9, 2015Al-Moa'allami: Kingdom is honored to stand with Palestinian people
October 8, 2015Foreign Minister receives Russian ambassador
October 8, 2015Foreign Minister receives UN Deputy Secretary-General
October 7, 2015Foreign Minister Receives US officials
October 7, 2015Foreign Minister receives British ambassador
October 6, 2015King Salman holds talks with Mauritania's President
October 1, 2015Foreign minister of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and UAE met with aid agencies on Yemen
October 1, 2015Kingdom addresses 70th UN General Assembly
September 30, 2015Foreign Minister hold meetings sideline meetings during the UN General Assembly
September 29, 2015Saudi Arabia calls for support on uprooting the terrorism
September 28, 2015Foreign Minister Al-Jubeir discusses Iran’s escalation of regional conflicts
September 27, 2015Saudi Arabia rejects Iran’s criticism, politicization of Hajj tragedy
September 24, 2015Saudi Arabia dispels rumors of plans to build mosques in Germany
September 19, 2015Kingdom call for emergency OIC meeting on Al-Quds
September 14, 2015Foreign Minister receives Chinese minister
September 14, 2015King Salman chairs Cabinet session (09/14/2015)
September 13, 2015Minister Al-Jubeir attends Arab League meeting in Cairo
September 13, 2015Foreign Minister meets with Indonesian president
September 12, 2015King Salman holds meeting with Indonesian president
September 7, 2015Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (09/07/15)
September 5, 2015King Salman receives Arab Ambassadors to the United States and American Muslim leaders
September 5, 2015King Salman departs the US following official state visit
September 5, 2015King Salman meets with Saudi students
September 4, 2015King Salman Meets with President Obama
September 4, 2015King Salman receives Secretary Kerry
September 4, 2015King Salman, President Obama hold meeting at White House
September 4, 2015King Salman gives keynote address at US-Saudi Business Council dinner
September 3, 2015King Salman to meet with President Obama in Washington Sept. 4
September 3, 2015King Salman arrived in Washington
September 3, 2015Foreign Minister briefs media on King’s upcoming meeting with President Obama
September 3, 2015Foreign Minister meets with senior US officials
September 2, 2015Foreign Minister meets with Secretary Kerry
September 1, 2015Vice Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques receives Yemeni President
August 31, 2015Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (8/31/15)
August 31, 2015Foreign Minister receives US Special Envoy for Syria
August 25, 2015Minister Al-Jubeir holds meeting with Kerry on Nantucket Island
August 24, 2015Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (8/24/15)
August 24, 2015Foreign Ministry advises citizens to avoid travel to Lebanon
August 24, 2015King Salman vows full support to Yemen's Hadi
August 22, 2015Kingdom expands aid efforts in Yemen
August 19, 2015UNRWA thanks Kingdom for helping budget shortfall
August 17, 2015Kingdom condemns attack on the United Arab Emirates embassy in Yemen
August 17, 2015Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (8/17/15)
August 11, 2015Minister Al-Jubeir meets his Russian counterpart in Moscow
August 10, 2015Vice Custodian Chairs Cabinet Session
August 10, 2015Saudi Foreign Minister expresses views on Iran
August 10, 2015Foreign Minister rejects interference in the Kingdom’s domestic issues
August 8, 2015Minister Al-Jubeir, Italian counterpart hold joint press conference
August 8, 2015King Salman Center help repatriates 1,400 Yemeni from Djibouti
August 5, 2015Saudi Arabia and Fiji establish diplomatic relations
August 4, 2015Deputy Crown Prince arrives in Jordan
August 3, 2015GCC foreign ministers, US Secretary of State hold joint meeting
August 3, 2015Vice Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Chairs Cabinet's Session
August 2, 2015Kingdom to open embassy in Maldives
August 2, 2015King Salman arrives in Morocco on a private vacation
August 1, 2015Saudi Arabia condemns attack by Israeli settlers in Douma
July 30, 2015Saudi Arabia and Namibia establish diplomatic relations
July 30, 2015Saudi Arabia, Egypt sign “Cairo Declaration” to boost ties, regional security
July 29, 2015UN unveiled re-installation of Kiswa
July 27, 2015Saudi Arabia provides share of Palestinian Authority budget
July 27, 2015Foreign minister meets with EU counterpart
July 23, 2015OIC and GCC Secretary criticize Nuri Al-Maliki's statement on Saudi Arabia
July 22, 2015King Salman receives US Defense Secretary
July 17, 2015Foreign Minister Al-Jubeir meets with President Obama, Vice President Biden
July 16, 2015Foreign Minister Al-Jubeir meets with Secretary Kerry
July 15, 2015King Salman receives phone call from President Obama
July 14, 2015Saudi statement on Iran nuclear deal
July 12, 2015King Salman holds meeting with Pakistani prime minister
July 9, 2015Royal Court announces death of Prince Saud Al-Faisal
July 8, 2015Saudi Arabia Confirms the Importance of Implementing Conventions to Ban Chemical Weapons
July 4, 2015Deputy Crown Prince receives telephone call from U.S. Secretary of State
July 3, 2015King, Crown Prince congratulate President Obama on Independence Day
June 30, 2015Kingdom condemns terrorist attack on Egyptian Prosecutor General
June 29, 2015King Salman chairs Cabinet session (06/29/2015)
June 28, 2015Saudi solider killed, another wounded from shellfire
June 27, 2015King, Crown Prince offer condolences to French President on the Lyon terror attack
June 27, 2015King Salman offers condolences to Tunisian President on the Sousse terror attack
June 24, 2015Minister Al-Jubeir: Kingdom value and appreciate Saudi-French relations
June 24, 2015Deputy Crown Prince meets French Foreign Minister
June 24, 2015Kingdom calls upon Myanmar to stop Rohingya Muslims persecution
June 24, 2015King Salman Center, World Food Program discuss aid distribution in Yemen
June 24, 2015Foreign Minister: King Salman, President Hollande are keen to enhance bilateral relations
June 23, 2015Deputy Crown Prince visits France Tuesday
June 22, 2015King Salman chairs Cabinet session (06/22/2015)
June 18, 2015King Salman addresses Muslims on Ramadan
June 17, 2015Interior Ministry issues travel warning for Macedonia
June 16, 2015Kingdom supports all legitimate efforts to end Yemen conflict
June 16, 2015Foreign Minister hold bilateral meetings with foreign ministers of Egypt, Senegal and Somalia
June 15, 2015Foreign Ministry issues travel warning to Iran
June 15, 2015King Salman chairs Cabinet session (06/15/2015)
June 14, 2015Deputy Crown Prince receives U.S. Director of National Intelligence
June 11, 2015Kingdom condemns unfounded statements regarding the Raef Badawi case
June 9, 2015King Salman holds talks with Gabonese president
June 9, 2015GCC Foreign Ministerial Council to hold session in Riyadh on Thursday
June 9, 2015Foreign ministry summons Iranian ambassador after poisoning of Saudis
June 8, 2015King Salman chairs Cabinet session (06/08/2015)
June 2, 2015Foreign Minister attends anti-ISIS meeting in Paris
June 1, 2015King Salman chairs Cabinet session (06/01/2015)
May 31, 2015One soldier killed, seven injured from shellfire from Yemen.
May 31, 2015Minister Al-Jubeir holds meeting with Egyptian Counterpart
May 25, 2015King Salman chairs Cabinet session (05/25/2015)
May 18, 2015Foreign Minister Al-Jubeir meets with his Yemeni counterpart
May 18, 2015Saudi-led coalition confirms commitment to humanitarian ceasefire in Yemen
May 11, 2015King Salman, US President Obama hold phone Call
May 7, 2015Deputy Crown Prince meets with US Secretary of State
May 6, 2015Deputy Crown Prince concludes visit to Kuwait
May 5, 2015Lebanese Prime Minister commends generous support provided by the Kingdom
May 5, 2015Kingdom participates in Eager Lion 2015 military exercise in Jordan
May 5, 2015Deputy Crown Prince Receives French President
May 5, 2015King receives GCC Leaders, heads of delegations and French President
May 5, 2015GCC leaders arrived in Riyadh for 15th Consultative Meeting
May 5, 2015President Francois Hollande meets with former Lebanese prime minister in Riyadh
May 5, 2015French president meets with Saudi officials
May 5, 2015Crown prince meets with French president
May 4, 2015New minister take oath of office
May 4, 2015Foreign Minister Al-Jubeir meets with French Foreign Minister Fabius
May 4, 2015French President Hollande arrives in Riyadh
May 4, 2015Saudi Arabia to establish unified coordination relief center for Yemen
April 29, 2015King appoints new crown prince, deputy crown prince and foreign minister
April 27, 2015Interior Ministry bans citizens from traveling to Ebola-affected countries
April 27, 2015King Salman chairs Cabinet session (04/27/2015)
April 21, 2015Coalition announces success of Operation Decisive Storm and end to airstrikes
April 21, 2015Prince Saud Al-Faisal receives Egyptian foreign minister
April 21, 2015Minister of defense receives message from French counterpart
April 20, 2015King Salman chairs Cabinet session (04/20/2015)
April 20, 2015King Salman receives former Lebanese prime minister
April 19, 2015King Salman receives Tony Blair
April 19, 2015Border Guard killed along border with Yemen
April 15, 2015Operation Decision Storm will restore stability in Yemen
April 6, 2015Ambassador Al-Jubeir discusses Yemen and Nuclear Accord with Iran on CNN
April 6, 2015Ambassador Al-Jubeir discusses Yemen and Nuclear Accord with Iran on Fox
April 6, 2015King Salman chairs Cabinet session (04/06/2015)
April 3, 2015Two Saudi Border Guard killed
April 3, 2015Operation Decisive Storm is achieving its military objectives
April 2, 2015Saudi Arabia will continue to support the people and legitimate government of Yemen
March 31, 2015Deputy Crown Prince receives US Speaker Boehner
March 30, 2015Minister of Defense meets with U.S. Senator
March 30, 2015King Salman chairs Cabinet session (03/30/2015)
March 29, 2015Saudi ambassador comments on military action in Yemen
March 28, 2015Minister of Defense meets with former Swedish defense minister, special Swedish envoy
March 28, 2015King Salman, US President Obama discussed regional issues in telephone call
March 28, 2015King Salman meets with Egyptian and Yemeni presidents
March 28, 2015Saudi navy evacuates embassy staff from Yemen
March 28, 2015King Salman: Yemen military campaign to continue until goals are achieved
March 28, 2015King Salman held telephone consultations with world leaders
March 28, 2015King Salman returns to Riyadh with president of Yemen
March 27, 2015Ambassador Al-Jubeir: Other Countries Desire to Participate in Operation Decisive Storm‎
March 27, 2015King Salman receives letters from Sweden's king and prime minister
March 26, 2015Yemeni President arrives in Riyadh
March 25, 2015Saudi Arabia launches military operations in support of legitimate Yemeni government
March 23, 2015Prince Saud meets UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond
March 23, 2015Prince Saud: Iran should not get an undeserved deal
March 23, 2015King Salman, Crown Prince Muqrin condole Iranian President on death of his mother
March 23, 2015King Salman hold meeting with British Foreign Secretary Hammond
March 23, 2015Crown Prince receives British Foreign Secretary Hammond
March 23, 2015Pakistani forces arrive to Taif to participate in exercise "Samsam 5"
March 22, 2015King Salman receives telephone call from Iraqi prime minister
March 22, 2015Saudi health centers provide medical assistance to over 2,600 patients a week in Zaatari camp
March 20, 2015Saudi Arabia condemns Aden and Sana’a terror attacks, offers to treat victims in Kingdom
March 17, 2015Kingdom calls for bringing Syrian war criminals to international justice
March 16, 2015King Salman chairs Cabinet session (03/16/2015)
March 16, 2015Kingdom demands end to government discrimination against Rohingya
March 15, 2015King Holds meeting with Afghan President
March 11, 2015Kingdom recalls ambassador to Stockholm
March 10, 2015King Salman calls for economic strength and stability in major policy address
March 9, 2015Kingdom rejects international criticism over Raef Badawi case
March 9, 2015King Salman chairs Cabinet session (03/09/2015)
March 5, 2015Prince Saud meets with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry
March 2, 2015King Salman holds talks with Turkish President