Audio Releases

The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Washington, DC has produced a number of radio news releases aimed at improving understanding about Saudi Arabia within the United States.

Prince Turki on Saudi Aid to Lebanon,
 (July 26, 2006)
War on Terrorism Year in Review” with HRH Prince Turki Al-Faisal, (December 30, 2005)      
Saudi Arabia Aid to Pakistan, (November 23, 2005)      
Prince Turki on terrorism, (November 8, 2005)      
Saudi Arabia ready to increase oil production to mitigate Hurricane Katrina effects on oil supply (August 31, 2005)    
Security forces kill Most Wanted (July 5, 2005)    
Counter-Terrorism Campaign (March 8, 2005)    
Counter-Terrorism International Conference (February 2, 2005)    
Saudi Arabia to Boost Oil Production (August 11, 2004)    
Kingdom's municipal election plans nearly completed (July 13, 200)    
Saudi Forces Kills AlMuqrin (June 22, 2004)    
9-11 Commission clears Saudi Arabia (June 17, 2004)    
G-8 Task Force commends Saudi efforts (June 16, 2004)    
Oil Supply Security (June 3, 2004)    
Embassy Press Conference on Saudi Charities (June 2, 2004)    
U.S. National Security Advisor on Saudi cooperation (April 9, 2004)    
Overseas charity commission set up (March 2, 2004)    
Saudi-U.S. counter-terrorism cooperation (January 22, 2004)    
War on Terrorism (October 2003)    



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