2003 News Story

Security forces uncover two more terrorist cells

The Ministry of Interior issued a statement today that security forces have uncovered two more terrorist cells in their early stages of plotting terrorist attacks. Most of these terrorists have been arrested, and their weapons confiscated.

Early last Sunday, acting on information on the presence of a terrorist cell, security forces raided an area in the desert to the east of Riyadh, took the three suspects by surprise, and arrested them before they were able to use the weapons they had. Their identities are being withheld at present because of the ongoing investigation.

Today, acting on information about the presence of four suspects, security forces raided a farm in the northern Muleda area of Qasim Province, and were able to arrest one of them, who has provided information about his associates. The suspects had fled from the farm, firing heavily. One of the police patrols spotted them and exchanged fire with them, neutralizing their vehicle. The fugitives then assaulted a citizen, took his car, and fled the scene. They are under pursuit by the security forces. Two security officers were injured in the incident. A search of the suspects' car and the farm where they had been hiding revealed large amounts of materials for making explosives, as well as many light weapons.